Remove Radon From Your Home

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Maine is one of the highest radon states, and you can't detect this gas without testing. Northern Radon LLC in Mapleton & Presque Isle, ME can help you if a test reveals radon during your real estate inspection or home inspection. Our expert will complete your radon mitigation system installation in a timely manner, so you can live in your home safely. Installation typically costs $1,000 to $2,000.

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After you've tested your home and received your lab results, you can turn to us for radon removal. We'll install a mitigation system that:

Goes below the foundation slab with a pipe

Uses a fan outside the home to boost circulation

Sucks radon out of the home via the foundational pipe

Depressurizing the air beneath the home allows radon to exit the space before entering the home. As radon naturally decays in the ground, these systems allow this gas to divert away from your home. Discuss your radon removal options with us today if you have any questions about these systems.