Are You Worried About Radon in Your Home?

Use a radon testing single kit in Mapleton & Presque Isle, ME

Whether you need your new home tested, or you're concerned about the home you've lived in for years, you can turn to us for a testing kit. Northern Radon LLC based in Mapleton, ME sells radon testing single kits and double kits. With a radon testing double kit, you can test your primary living space and an additional space like your basement.

Speak to us today to order a testing kit.

The radon testing process

If you come to us for a test kit, we'll set up your kit and have it mailed to you within two to four days. You'll then:


Test for radon at your own convenience


Send your test kit to an independent lab


Reach out to the lab and follow up for results

With these radon testing single kits and double kits, you're in complete control and will handle testing yourself. This keeps our nose out of your business and helps you ensure you really do have radon in your home. Contact us now for a radon testing double kit.